Our simple office move advice

If you have been charged with planning your office move this can be a daunting task. Already managing your own day to day workload and then adding the responsibility of organising the office move can leave you wondering if you have enough hours in your working day.

Before you get overwhelmed here are some of the things you may want to consider. Preparation is everything so here are some of the basics to get you started.

  • Make sure you have an agreed office move date you are all aiming for.
  • Agree the reasons for the move. Extra space, better location, staff expansion this way  your moving in plan can accommodate these.
  • Agree a moving budget.
  • Ensure all your staff know about the move in advance therefore minimising disruption for them. And don’t forget to continue to keep them updated throughout the process.
  • Obtain a number of removal quotes ensuring they cover things like: All packing and unpacking of the office equipment and furniture;  A plan for packing and delivery of each employees desk belongings; A complete inventory of all items to be moved;   Full comprehensive insurance details.
  • Try to move on a non business day to avoid loss of revenue, so don’t forget to make sure your removal company can accommodate a possible weekend move
  • Sit down with your team to organise the new office layout,  the IT relocation, phone line transfer  and notification of all your utility companies.
  • Have a structure ready for notifying all your customers, suppliers and contacts of your change of address. You may even want to send out a press release to relevant marketing contacts.
  • Check  your parking arrangements, permits and security at both locations thus making access easy and straightforward.

If you start with the above list this will get you well on the way to making your office move less stressful. You can also read our Clarks of Amersham  office move checklist to give you even more help. If you are considering a move soon in Buckinghamshire or the South East or just want to talk to us about a commercial relocation or business storage why not contact us on our business contact us form or give us a call on 01494 774186.