Putting your house up for sale can be a busy time – here are our tips for selling your house.

Getting your home ready for potential buyers can be more than a little daunting. Here are some of our hints and tips on selling your house and how they can help to add value and sell it quickly.

Give your home a spruce up

A fresh lick of paint will make your home cleaner and brighter. Keep the colours neutral it makes it easier for someone to see their furniture in the space. Having more unusual colours can sometimes put potential buyers off.

Make the rooms bright and light

There are lots of tricks to make a room look bright and airy. Mirrors work wonders especially in the smaller areas of your home. Clean the windows and curtains. Using lamps in the corner of rooms helps add light.

Update the heart of the house

Most people feel that the kitchen is the heart of any home. Having a fresh and updated kitchen will definitely help the sale. Consider refreshing the kitchen cabinet doors, this is a lot cheaper than putting in a new kitchen. If that’s too bigger task look at replacing the surfaces. Make the space look clean and open. Remove the appliances. Getting matching containers and storage so everything gives a more uniformed and less cluttered look.


This is a simple win. You need to do it when you move house anyway so why not do it before you sell your home? It will help with the moving out process. The house will appear bigger and less cluttered. You can put excess belongings and bulky furniture into storage.

Fix the aroma

A beautiful smelling home always makes it more appealing. Make sure the drains, bins are all cleaned. Adding scented candles, freshly brewed coffee and cut flowers will give it that homely feel.

We hope these tips on selling your house are useful and if you need a quote for your removal, we are here to help. Get a quick quote or call us on 01494 774186