Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic those working from home has increased dramatically.

Data security has never been more important. Now the lockdown has begun to lift and workers start to return to their offices, safeguarding commercial confidential waste is paramount.

Employees working from home may not consider properly how they dispose of the commercial waste and throw it away with their personal rubbish.

What does this mean for businesses?

Businesses need to be aware that if confidential information is thrown away in unsecure bins or is not disposed of correctly this is a data breach and does not comply with the data protection law.

Whilst the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) acknowledges that this may not be top of the agenda for businesses the data law still applies and includes the disposal of confidential data.  Businesses could still be fined if they are found to be negligent.

As a business you can help your employees who work from home, by providing them with simple and easy solutions. Giving them confidential waste bags or boxes that can be collected and disposed of is one. Even providing them with a means to drop them off at work so you can dispose of them as you would normally do is another.

If you need confidential waste bags or boxes we are happy to help.  Our service offers delivery and collection, the supply of the correct materials, unique serial number for tracking, Certificate of Destruction and audit trail for each bag or box we destroy. You can read more about our service here. 

We can supply you with the correct disposal items. Either call us on 01494 774186 or email us at

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