Planning Your Move

//Planning Your Move

Planning Your Move

Are you moving locally, relocating  to another part of the country or moving abroad? Whatever you are doing, planning your move is imperative. Leaving things to the last minute will just increase your stress on the day. At Clarks of Amersham we have the expertise and experience to make your move go smoothly.

 Here are some of our planning your move ‘top tips’

  • Research removal companies and obtain comparative quotes. Make sure they are fully insured, belong to the relevant trade bodies and get some customer recommendations.
  • Confirm your removal date, complete, sign and return the removal acceptance form
  • Send new address cards to friends and relatives.
  • Make a local map with directions to your new house for friends and family.
  • Arrange a contact number whilst you are changing over between homes.
  • Check your home insurance – make sure that you have cover from the day you move in and consider increasing or decreasing the amount of cover.
  • Notify all relevant parties –(see our ‘pre move checklist’)
  • Dispose or sell off anything you don’t want. Not sure where to sell items? Clarks of Amersham can help you with this or visit our local auction rooms.
  • Order packing boxes if you need them in advance
  • If you haven’t booked this service, clear loft and any other storage areas ready for removal.
  • Make a plan where things are going to go in your new home.
  • If you are going to need storage or you are moving a long distance away clean out your freezer, ensure it’s defrosted and dry for removal day.
  • If you haven’t included this in your removal requirements take down curtains and blinds.
  • Find and label keys including spares.
  • If you are doing a Self Pack start packing your possessions into boxes, clearly labeling them with the room, (from and to) and details of the contents,
  • Organise any parking requirements at your old and new properties.
  • Keep to one side (if you have them) your children’s toys, you might need to get to them before you unpack.
  • Make sure any items not to be moved are clearly labeled before the removal team arrive.
  • Pack a box with essentials for when you arrive at your new house. A kettle, tea, coffee, biscuits, mugs, light bulbs and toilet rolls should be high on your list.

Don’t forget to check out our Top 10 Checklist of things to do before you move.

Choosing your removal company and collecting your quotes can take time so start as soon as you can and get them booked. A month in advance is fine. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a moving date confirmed yet. At Clarks of Amersham we have a free no obligation provisional booking service so call us on  01494 774186 and we will book you in.  To get a guide price fill in our online estimate form and we will get right back to you.

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