The latest edition of Twenty Ci’s Property and Homeowner report covers 99.6% of all sales and rental property moves for 2020

Headlines of their report are:

  • The pandemic property surge – Sales agreed for 2020 surpassed 2019 by over 10% fuelled by a combination of monetary policy (low interest rates), a generous fiscal policy (furlough payments and a stamp duty holiday) and a significant change in consumer preferences (rural locations and additional space).
  • The retailers life raft – There are currently over 550,000 property sales agreed, with an estimated value to the economy of home movers in excess of £12 billion per annum according to Aviva (outside of the transaction value). This value is widely considered to add 3% to GDP per annum.
  • Brexit Impact – So far, we have not seen a discernible impact from the Brexit deal concluded somewhat at the eleventh hour and still not fully understood in terms of its’ housing market impact.

You can download their full report here —>

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