Moving your business or offices needs a lot more pre-planning than moving home. The longer you are not open for business the longer you are not making money.  Here are some of our top tips for relocating your business.

The first thing is to break your business move down into bite size chunks.

Who is involved in the move?

  • How many employees are involved in the move?
  • Will they help with the packing?
  • Who is going to co-ordinate the move in your company?

What kind of service are you looking for?

  • Do you need a packing service, a total removal and unpacking service or business storage?
  • What kinds of things are being moved, Office furniture, IT equipment?
  • Will you need special technical support service?

Where are you moving from and to?

  • Where is the building situated. Number of floors, parking facilities
  • Are there any access issues? Lifts, stairs, underground car parks. Parking permits
  • Do you have any building plans?

What’s your timing

  • Whats the approximate date of your move?
  • What are your businesses working hours? Will you need to move at a weekend or over the holiday period?

Once you’ve put together these basics it’s time to get a list of suppliers.  Ask people in your network, use associations and get some recommendations and references. Create your shortlist and  get them in. Take them around the building, talk them through any constraints and office protocol you may have.  Finally remember not to buy on price alone. Customer references are far more valuable.

Clarks of Amersham are members of the British Association of Removers. The BAR commercial moving group has a wealth of resources to help you with planning your relocation.

Contacting Clarks of Amersham

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