Running your own Pick Pack service can be costly and time consuming.  With efficiency being at the heart of any business, outsourcing this to a warehouse who specialises in these services has got to be advantageous.

It’s not just as simple as popping an order in a box and shipping it off. Pick and Pack is the process of taking delivery of a clients products, whether on pallets or loose in a lorry, storing them, receiving a customer order and matching it correctly. Re packing and labelling it and then despatching the item to it’s destination.  So if you’re running a small business, using an external company can allow you to offer the same level of service, security and shipping speed as your bigger competitors


Benefits to your business


Cost benefits

By outsourcing the storage you can reduce your fixed costs and increase your buying power by buying in bulk. If you are a new business you can get established straight away with no set up costs. Saving you both time and money.


High levels of security

You will benefit from fully secure, alarmed warehouse facilities and specially trained staff.


Improved efficiency

You will have better control over your stock with efficient stock rotation processes and reporting freeing you up to concentrate on your business.


Business growth

Outsourcing your fulfilment will give you more time to focus on your business and as it grows you will be able to react quicker to your customers demands.


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