House Move from Gerrards Cross to Chelford in Cheshire: What happened when we had a lorry full but no house keys?

James and his team arrived the day before our move to start the packing. Every thing was very straightforward and stress free.  We were using the complete pack service so they just got  their heads down and got on with it. They came back the next day to complete the process and load up the lorry.  The truck full to the brim, we arrived at our new home in Cheshire by 2.30pm. That’s when our stresses began.

Funds delay meant no keys

The funds were delayed in transfer and we did not get our keys until 4.30pm.  Not once did the removal team moan or complain. They were extremely patient and put our minds at rest explaining that they would stay until the keys arrived. And that’s what they did. They couldn’t start unpacking until we had the keys. They worked very fast and tirelessly, and sleeping overnight in their vehicle completed the job the next morning.

We can’t recommend Clarks of Amersham highly enough. From beginning to end, packing the boxes, removing the furniture, unloading the other end. Nothing was damage and everything put where it should be. Even taking all the packing materials and boxes away with them when they left.