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All businesses and households have confidential data and documentation that needs to be destroyed. With new GDPR rules, the rise of identity fraud and tight data protection laws the need to destroy data securely has become a must.  At Clarks of Amersham we can provide you with a safe and secure paper document destruction and disposal service

Can U Get Tramadol Online, Tramadol With Mastercard

For businesses the current data protection legislation requires companies to ensure that any data or documentation containing customers, employees or clients personal information including names, addresses, financial and legal documentation be destroyed safely and securely.

For households it has now become a necessity to dispose of banking details and personal information securely, this means they need to be destroyed in a way that ensures they cannot be recreated

Destroy it and recycle it

By destroying your documents not only are you ensuring it’s complete paper document destruction but you are also helping to protect the environment as everything we destroy is recycled and used in the production of new paper products. We deliver our bags or fully recycled boxes direct to your premises. Both are secured with a tamper proof tag.  The boxes and it’s contents are destroyed as one single unit.

Our safe and secure service

Our own uniformed, security cleared staff in Clarks of Amersham vehicles collect and take ownership of your items ensuring we oversee the process from start to finish. Once your confidential materials have been securely destroyed we provide you with a certificate of destruction.  So if you would like to know more or to book an appointment just call us on 01494 774 186 or click on contact us.

  • Our service at a glance

  • Supply of confidential waste sacks or boxes

  • Convenient delivery and collection service

  • Unique serial number for tracking

  • Certificate of Destruction and audit trail for each bag/box pulped

  • Fully trained, uniformed staff

  • Staff onsite to see waste disposed of correctly at our local paper mill

  • Uniformed industry trained teams

  • Fully compliant and registered waste carriers (no CB/YE5031EA/V004)

  • We choose the right vehicle for the job keeping C02 omissions to a minimum


Buy Cheapest Tramadol

We are here to help

Got a question or need a free quotation?

Get in contact with us today and we will do our best to help as soon as we can.

01494 774 186

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